Illusion and Truth – Thoughts about Truth

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because that would destroy their whole illusion. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Nothing can be more real than the illusion itself, because as long as man has not understood what he really is, he will be driven over and over again in a game that he himself is not able to oversee. Continue reading “Illusion and Truth – Thoughts about Truth”

Book publication with photos of me

This time no text/poetry; but photos, which were published by me. To the first illustrated book about my beloved homeland – Kronach – I could contribute a total of seven works. A special honor for me is that my photo of Lucas Cranach the Elder was published by me – I feel especially connected to him (Cranachphoto, see appendix). The title of the illustrated book is: Einblicke Kronach in Bildern (ISBN 978-3-00-063307-3). A very successful work by Matthias Simon with his P-Seminar from the Frankenwald-Gymnasium Kronach.

Stenor from Cranach

Text: Hong Kong – hopefully no second Tian’anmen massacre

Text: Hong Kong – hopefully no second Tian’anmen massacre

Inspired by an interview that Gabor Steingart conducted with the photojournalist Paul Ronzheimer on 19.11.19 in Hong Kong, I now write this text. One should, if one writes, try to write with a cool head, but I hardly succeed with this topic; I knit these lines with a hot needle. Why? The situation in Hong Kong is acute and resembles a powder keg and there are many fire devils on the ground. Ronzheimer reports about military in civilian, the erected barricades of students remove – still in civilian – and it is reported about the use of live ammunition by the police. Continue reading “Text: Hong Kong – hopefully no second Tian’anmen massacre”

Photo: Melancholia (Kochel at the lake)

Melancholy is my muse. Some don’t like this kind of mood; I love it – and when I care for it inside me, like a still, delicate plant that belongs only to me, it’s it that motivates me creatively and keeps me alive creatively. There are people who come, they go, there are moments and moments, Continue reading “Photo: Melancholia (Kochel at the lake)”