I greet you all most warmly

On this page I show you a part of me, the creatives. My field of activity is photography, writing, painting and drawing. I find inspiration in current events and through observation and perception of the world and its creatures. As I write I focus on poetry, it gives me the opportunity to condense things. As a photographer I find it attractive to capture the personality and the stories behind people. Over the years I have gained experience in painting and drawing with the most diverse means and styles and it has become a good method for creative strength drawing and relaxation for me.

I wish you much joy and many impressions while browsing on my site.
Your Stefan

P.S.: And, since to all the spiritual also the physical is important, here the link to the web page of my dear wife Bettina, she cooks and bakes passionately gladly, photographs and writes and is also very art and culture interested. She likes to share her knowledge with us on her page – Bettinas Jungbrunnen.